• By supporting healthy and sustainable forests we maintain their functionality and the many benefits, services, and products they provide - including clean water and the production of timber.

    The mission of Texas A&M Forest Service’s Water Resources Program is to protect, conserve, and enhance Texas’ water resources through the sustainable use of forestlands.

    In 1989, Texas A&M Forest Service established the BMP program to focus on minimizing any threats to water quality from forestry activities. The program educates landowners, loggers and foresters about the threats to water quality and provides technical assistance on how to minimize those threats through the use of non-regulatory forestry BMPs.

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     + Water Resources

    Healthy forests are critically important to protecting water resources and sustaining them in the future. Approximately 50 percent of the freshwater resources in Texas originate on forestlands, which provide a continuous and abundant supply of clean water. In fact, many state and national forests were established to protect the country’s water sources.

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     + Best Management Practices (BMP)

    Approximately 14.4 million acres of forested lands in Texas are suitable for the production of timber. Forest operations associated with management, harvest and regeneration can potentially degrade water quality if done improperly. Forestry Best Management Practices are the principal means of protecting water resources during forestry activities.

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