• Wildfires know no boundaries.  Protecting your home from wildfire differs depending on where you live.  Expand the sections below to learn more about how to protect your community, wildland or your home:


     + Protect Your Community

    Wildfires know no boundaries. Over the past several decades, wildfires in Texas have invaded communities around the state, destroying thousands of homes and threatening lives. For this reason, a proactive approach to community-wide wildfire protection planning is necessary to reduce future loss.

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     + Protect Your Home

    The Wildland Urban Interface is a haven for those who want to live among nature. It is also an area where combustible homes are mixed with combustible vegetation. There are steps you can take to improve your home’s ability to survive during a wildfire.

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     + Protect Your Wildlands

    Removing vegetation can dramatically reduce the spread and intensity of wildfire. A variety of treatments can be applied on an individual’s property or on a larger scale to protect a subdivision or community.

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