The Helping Hands Program allows donations of gently-used fire/rescue equipment, fire trucks and other items to be made available to fire departments throughout the state while providing liability relief to the donor.


    The program routinely receives donations in the way of structural gear, fire hoses, nozzles, rescue tools, ladders, ventilation fans and other items that are essential to the operation of a fire department. 


    Since 1997, the Helping Hands Program has received more than $40.5 million in donated equipment. Donations are vital to meeting the needs of volunteer fire departments and we are grateful to our donors for their participation in supplying equipment through this program.


     + Eligibility
    Chartered, non-profit VFDs operated by its members are eligible. Any part-paid, part-volunteer fire department with 20 or fewer paid members is eligible.
     + Donate


    Complete and submit the donation form (PDF, 153KB)and include the Application for Texas Certificate of Title (PDF, 656KB)(if applicable). Once submitted, a Texas A&M Forest Service representative will contact you to complete the transaction. 
    Your donation is critically important and appreciated by VFDs and the communities they serve. 

    To get started:
    • Download the Donation Form (PDF, 153KB)
    • List all applicable equipment on one form
    • Specify which department you would like your donation to go to. If none is specified, TFS will fill pending requests


    If applicable, also Apply for Texas Certificate of Title:

    Submit completed forms to:
    Texas A&M Forest Service
    2127 S. First St.
    Lufkin, Texas 75901

    Or fax: 936-639-8138


     + Contact

    Texas A&M Forest Service
    2127 S. First St.
    Lufkin, Texas 75901
    Attn: Helping Hands
                       Phone: 936-639-8100
    Fax: 936-639-8138